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What Outside the Lines Travel will do for you:


  • Provide Expertise: We invest time and money to become experts in our niche and in the travel products that we recommend, mostly by traveling to visit these places, partnerships with our travel suppliers, and though ongoing training.

  • Make your trip Stress Free: We sift through the many trip options to find what works best for you and your unique vacation needs.

  • Save you time and money: We help our clients avoid costly mistakes and book them the exact dream vacation they're looking for. It is our goal to keep you from purchasing something that doesn't fit your travel style.

  • Protect your investment: We solve problems and advocate on your behalf when extra help is needed, and do not go away once the final balance is paid. We also work with you to insure your trip and protect your vacation investment.

  • Give you confidence in your choices: Many of our clients have ideas about what they want to experience, but need a sounding board and a professional to figure out how to make it a reality.

In a nutshell, we help families travel, regardless of the makeup of your travel party, or your involvement level. Whatever your preference, (do your own research or have us do it all), we will offer guidance and inside knowledge of the travel industry to give you the trip you are looking for. Trust us - once you work with us, you’ll get spoiled by our service, but warning: you may become addicted to traveling!



Tell us what you are looking for, using the form below. We are experts in our clients, and are well connected with trusted travel partners and suppliers all over the globe.


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